Reflective Brief on Use of ICT in Education

ICT in Education
Part A: Write about the role and purpose of ICT in education In pedagogy, the main role and purpose of ICT in education is to meet with government backed initiatives to encourage widespread usage of ICT in schools. This is not a new concept, as Terry Russell points...
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Sample Essay: An exploration in developing good practice

Tony’s Case: An exploration of the issues involved in developing good practice in engaging, supporting and guiding learners Introduction There are a lot of challenges to further education that may be addressed in collaborative manner, others through individual effort with the support group. Tony’s case may be identified...
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Sample Essay: Coaching a Cricket Learner

Coaching a Learner of Cricket
Introduction Coaching, throughout the years, has evolved to encompass not only sport and education but personal as well as organisational development with the aim to improve performance. This paper will provide a reflective teaching and coaching of a GED learner with the aim to share personal experience and...
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Managing a Research Project

The challenges of independent research All of the study activities that you engage in whilst at university involve an element of self-management and organisation. But, the activity where these qualities become especially important and will be tested to the full, is in the independent research project that you...
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Learning English as a Second Language

Learning English as a second language is a worthwhile activity. Being a thing of value, it requires things of value in return. You need to invert motivation, goal setting, planning, carrying out the plan, practice and application to be able to successfully do it. There are many different...
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Essay Sample: The Accumulated Evidence of Lung Cancer

lung cancer
The Accumulated Evidence of Lung Cancer and Environmental Tobacco Smoking (ETS) and Intervention Programs on ETS in the United Kingdom: A Systematic Review ABSTRACT Tobacco smoking is considered to be the main risk factor and an equal threat to health for youth and adults. In the UK, it...
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Face Your Problems and Be an Effective Student

Problem solving activities with local-students
For: All Students Note: This article is for all students, whether you are struggling, doing fine or outstanding. Some students fail. Some pass. Some excel. Big contributory factors to the different level of success different students experience may include financial difficulties, home problems and social problems. The adjective...
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How to Become an Effective Student

For: All Students Note: This article is for all students, whether you are struggling, doing fine or outstanding. You can help yourself face your problems as a young student and be effective in your studies. There are many ways to do it and tips to enable you to...
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