How to Write a Report: Structuring – Procedure to Glossary

Procedure (sometimes included) – Demonstrate how you carried out your research, how you gathered information. Materials and Methods (included if applicable) – This is similar to procedure but is more appropriate to scientific or engineering report writing. Here are some tips derived from the book “Scientists Must Write” by Robert Barrass...
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Do Not Lag Behind in Ordering Essay Online

Ordering essay online is getting help with your writing task problems. Academic writing service in the internet has been present since around early 2000s. The practice of enlisting some assistance with written assignments for school has been present starting as far back as the 1800s. At present, many...
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Essential Best Practices in Lecture Capture

A lecture capture system enables an institution or an educator to webcast class lectures, modules, presentations on powerpoint and events like seminars for both recorded viewing or live streaming. Important elements of the system include suitability, orientation, procedure and the recording itself. Suitability and Effectiveness — Lecture capture...
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How to Write Essays: Writing the Introduction

After you have finalised the discussion and the conclusion, you may now write the introduction. As mentioned in earlier posts, you write the discussion and conclusion first before the introduction because the first two are more important than the first. Also, they are more difficult to write. Contents...
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How to Write Essays: Writing the Conclusion

After moulding your research notes into the outline rough draft of your essay, you will now refine it and add some more essential parts. On the previous step, you have already formulated your conclusion and thesis. Now, the first step is to write the final form of these...
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How to Write Essays: Writing the Discussion

After moulding your research notes into the outline rough draft of your essay and deriving your conclusion and thesis based on such outline, you will now refine what you have written. Discussion First Yes, the first part of the essay is the introduction. However, as mentioned in previous...
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