Computer Science Essay Sample: Forensic Computing

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Forensic Computing PC Pornography Case Investigation Introduction Tom was arrested for possession and distribution of pornographic material, his flat was raided by the police and materials were seized. Two computers are under investigation, one of which belongs to Tom and the other belongs to his friend Jerry. These...
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A Review of Top Essay Writing Service Websites

We conducted a review of four of the prestigious and popular essay writing service websites. A website can be both prestigious and popular; prestigious but not popular; popular but not prestigious or both not popular and not prestigious. An academic writing service provider may not be known but...
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Tips in Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Students report that choosing a dissertation topic can be either easy or agonizing. Students are supposed to be able to select one research topic, from among thousands of possibilities. From a topic, they must develop a scholarly question and research method to answer it; and above all else,...
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Student Jobs: How to Find a Job While Studying

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Student Jobs: How to Find a Job While Studying – Graduates without the skills necessary for working in a job is one feedback from employers. At the same time, many students feel that they do not have enough opportunities wherein they can relate to the real world what...
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